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Heartbreaches and Ironic Flashbacks. The Flash 4×20

There’s no scene better than a flashback scene and we got a few of those tonight. To provide insight into the dynamic of Devoe and Marlize’s working and romantic relationships we viewed flashbacks of their early stages, prior to the pursuit of The Enlightenment. We see Devoe in love and vulnerable, saying things he has seemingly changed his views on. Devoe once had a purpose for Marlize besides her being his mechanic and he believed he was nothing without her.

The audience is now informed that Marlize initially disagreed with Devoe’s plans and was only prompted to join him at a vulnerable time, post a bomb attack to gain a piece of technology. Marlize’s willingness to carry out the Enlightenment was to save people and she possibly had a negative afterthought in her mind at all times regarding the plan. Devoe’s plan will likely be carried out but consequently, it may fail due to Marlize going to confide in Team Flash.

Harrison Wells, the not so intelligent genius has finally found a means of bringing his thoughts to fruition. D.A. Cecile Horton is making use of her powers to help Wells carry out lost thoughts and I couldn’t think of a better reason to give Cecile powers. The Horton-Wells friendship is so underrated and I much rather hear their joes than watch Ralph laugh about whoopie cushions. It is possible that Devoe did not account for the possibility of Cecile working with Harry to carry on his intelligence hence Team Flash could be in a great position.

For all the Cisco-Vibe shippers we have embarked on the last of our relationship journey and we must own up to our heartbreach on a full moon. Realistically the relationship between Cisco and Cynthia would not have worked due to her being on a separate Earth and the strenuous job she does. It’s hard to see them break up but we’re adults, let’s chill. Of course Gypsy will be back to give it to us again and I am looking forward to it.

I hope everyone caught that Accelerated Man cameo at their version of CCPD, the Collector Agency Headquarters. Next time we’d like to actually see and hear the dialogue. However, there have been rumours which suggest we will see the Accelerated Man soon this season so look out for that.


Accelerated Man in C.C.C.A.

Theory Time 

So at the baby shower, Caitlin tells Iris cryptically that she will figure out how to get Killer Frost out of its Hulk in Infinity Way complex and my theory is that when or ifFrosty comes back, Caitlin will not. Hence, Killer Frost may be full on evil and there won’t be a Caitlin to give her some reasoning. It has been a will they won’t they rollercoaster regarding Killer Frost’s arrival on the show and frankly, I think they should make one decision and get it over with.

Also at the baby shower the Mystery Girl a.k.a Dawn Allen (hopefully) turns up with a gift. She speaks with longing and hints at cherishing time as if she has not had much of it. As everyone thinks, she is from the future and is either Cecile or Iris’ daughter. Given the dialogue she used with Cecile I would have gone with the former however considering Iris is the only one who hasn’t met her and she seems to be avoiding her, leans to her being Iris’ daughter. Iris is a reporter and very instinctive, she would know if something is up and put together a connection.

Another factor leaning towards her being Barry and Iris’ daughter is the fact that SHE IS A SPEEDSTER and her lightning is purple like Iris’ but it is also a yellow like Barry’s.


In the comics, Dawn and Don Allen are born in the future to Iris but Barry dies and they never grow up with a father. Given the sadness and the longing she displays when around Iris, it seems that Iris will die, a different take on the story. Iris’ death could be at the hands of Caitlin and Harry considering the look she gave them in CC Jitters. Otherwise, she could be an evil half of the Tornado Twins on a different mission or guilty of something regarding the team.

We’ve seen the Mystery Girl behaving quite like Bart Allen who is a descendant of Thawne and Barry. It’s possible the show doesn’t want to put Bart Allen on the show as yet so they’re doing a gender-flipped version of him who has different villainous/heroic genes.

We see that the Mystery Girl has the same notebook as Marlize is holding in the flashbacks at the Devoe’s first house therefore, she must have some connection to Devoe. Another possible way she could have this book is due to them defeating Devoe, and keeping his notebook then putting it in the Flash Museum in the future. The Flash Museum has been teased before on the show, shown when Barry is running through the speed force to time-travel.

Either way, anything is possible and it would be a shame to limit the possibilities to one theory.

This episode felt more like the Season 1 vibe they intended to bring this season with Barry using his initiative and being happier. There was evidence of better character use possibly because one character is no longer on the team, releasing more time. Anyway, the episode was enjoyable and I’ll be here to give my take again next week.

*Who is the guy in the poster on Earth 19?


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