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News Flash – You have to work to achieve success

Welcome Millenials and any other generation curious about what I have to say.

Every being on this planet wants the same things: have a happy life, survive, obtain necessities and luxuries and include our genes in the gene pool.

“Really? Even wild animals want luxuries?” , yes actually. A luxury according to Oxford Dictionaries is “A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.”

Have you ever seen a stray dog getting its stomach rubbed? Case closed.

Various things many may say shouldn’t be a privilege but a right. I agree in a few cases. For example, how are some condoms free and women have to pay for sanitary pads? We bleed involuntarily, men choose to slang it. Also, millions of people around the world are deprived of even a primary education which should be granted to every single person as knowledge is a great power. Using an analogy from Ice Cube in my own way, knowledge is like a knife, it can be used as a tool and a weapon.

Today I’m talking about the constructive uses of knowledge when applied to work.

Living in the Western world we suffer from first world problems. Such as a broken Mcdonald’s ice cream machine at pretty much every franchise or moaning about the occasional warm water running out. We are sometimes blind to the real problems people face daily. Not to undermine the struggle of some minorities, we forget children in countries such as Syria and struggling families in various African countries who fight hard every day to survive and barely achieve this effectively.

We have become so privileged in a sense that we expect everything to be handed to us. As a result, if our card is declined and the cashier says it out loud we reach over to choke the life out of them. Society has been rewarding us for doing the bare minimum turning us into some privileged brats walking around with our noses up.



Picture this scenario. Rich kids on a golf course wearing khaki shorts, polo shirts and a cashmere sweater tied around the neck. These kids are discussing the new guy in their class whom received a Range Rover for his 17th birthday and claiming that he’s so broke because it wasn’t a Rolls Royce. That’s what the majority of us are behaving like. Pretty bad isn’t it?

Take a man like Chance the Rapper. He has become an icon of success being an independent artist (no record label) who has won 3 GRAMMYS this year and other awards, first indie artist to appear on SNL and has done so TWICE. Making a household name of yourself is really difficult without a record label and Chance’s hard work has forced the music industry to change the way they do things in all artists’ favour. Soundcloud tracks can be nominated for GRAMMYS now!!!  This man is the face of greatness at 24 years old. I could not think of a better example of someone to be an inspiration for success. If Chance had relied on chance for success he probably would still be in Chicago being a struggle rapper. Not to mention the powerful work he has done for education in Chicago with his own money. Get up and get it.


An initiative is one thing we all need but is hard to acquire. Growing up being to told to “take the initiative” has probably been said every day in my household. My dad always went on about the importance of intrinsic motivation. If every human took the initiative we would possibly have a self-actualised global population which seems so far from existence.

The first step to this is convincing yourself that you can achieve greatness. Positive thoughts are very powerful. Tell yourself you can do it every day and mean it. Someone who feels they are incapable of being successful is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Repetitive negative thoughts become you. Try to replace every negative word with optimistic, edifying words . “I can achieve a B despite consistent D’s”. “I am not disabled I am blessed and highly favoured.” “No one can defeat me, I am powerful”.

This is incredibly difficult to do but what can help is positive people surrounding you. Pessimists and lackadaisical acquaintances nurture slow growth and are like leeches on your success. You may not see it now but when you pick off the leeches, you are able to manoeuvre and be positive much easily. It will be like a breath of fresh air and you will feel aerodynamic. Be a motivator and be around people that motivate you.

After this you can act on being successful. Faith without works is dead. Therefore after believing in yourself or even during the process, try to make moves you weren’t making before towards reaching your optimal goal. As you achieve never stop seeking a new achievement. Believe and exercise your beliefs.

In reality, learning and achieving shouldn’t be this hard but this is what it is and you have to tackle it head on.

Now play this song every morning. Be blessed.

P.S. This is a learning process for me and I have not achieved optimal greatness therefore let us learn together on this journey.


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