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Democracy is a Gift. 

Today I went to the polls and exercised my democratic right to vote!! 😁
At the time this is posted it would be 20 minutes til the polls are closed.

It’s been 104 years since Emily Davison died during a protest, fighting for females to get the right to vote. We females of today are privileged to be able to freely vote and do pretty much anything without boundaries based on our gender.

With great excitement as a first-time voter and a proud female, I strutted my stuff to the polling station this morning and marked a very dark X on the ballot sheet.
People oppressed in various countries still don’t have the simple rights we do so why waste such longed for opportunities?

Living in a democratic country no matter if “all politicians are the same” you should make an attempt at rewriting your future even more so if you are female. For Emily’s sake of course or better yet for your sake go out and vote if you’re registered.

If you haven’t voted yet, run down to your polling station if possible. Polls close at 10 pm. If you have voted, kudos to you and may the best party win.🙂


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