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An Open Letter to my Sleep Pattern 

Dear Snooze,

Why do you do this to me? Seriously…what have I done to you?

You’re a nonexistent intangible um thing. I really don’t know what to call you. Yet you disrupt without remorse, my daily hustle.


I’m a college student which means I need all the sleep I can get. I want sleep all the time. When I walk, when I eat, in class, outside of class, at night, in the day – just all the time. However, when I’m actually supposed to be sleeping, somehow you won’t let me. Yes you. I’m calling you out Snooze. You’re ‘smelling yourself’ now.

Currently I can only sleep for 2-3 hours at a time before I’m suddenly awakened *insert Arthur meme*.  How’s that possible that’s not normal. Are you trying to turn me into some nocturnal beast?

This is my proposal. You go and find someone else to pick on, someone who doesn’t actually need sleep. Just poke them, blow their phone up and just leave me alone okay? I’m exhausted. I cannot take another night twisting and turning.

Better yet if you’re such a boss meet me face to face. Let’s fight.

Anyway Snooze. Until next time.

Yours exasperatedly,



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