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Is Kehlani the new Beyoncé?

Wa gwaan people. It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining I think. It’s almost Spring so everything’s good.

Yesterday I went to see Kehlani in Brum (Birmingham) 😁😁.

For those of you who don’t know her, she made her worldwide debut on America’s Got Talent some years ago with her band PopLyfe.

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I actually remember them on that season and I was like woww this girl can blow. Simon Cowell actually told her to leave the band and do the competition on her own. Well now we know Simon is a genius and Kehlani is loyal because she stuck with them. Ultimately they placed fourth in the competition then disbanded.

Nonetheless she’s had a come up on her ownThere’s a brand new Kehlani in town and she’s no longer wearing beanies.

Kehlani on the cover of CRACK Magazine

Credit: CRACK Magazine

Kehlani you sure glowed up girl 👀.

She released a mixtape called You Should Be Here in 2015 which was nominated for a GRAMMY. A GRAMMY y’all. For a mixtape. That’s how good it was. All the Soundcloud rappers and mixtape sellers must be inspired by this. You know them ones that say “Y’all already know who it is. It’s ya boy…” Yeah you get the drift.

Anyway people let me tell you this – your girl had a GREAT time. She didn’t take too long to take the stage and she surely didn’t disappoint with the pipes!

I did my part by memorising the lyrics to every song from her new album SweetSexySavage before attending the concert (because fluency duh).

The opening acts were JAHKOY from Canada and Britain’s very own Ella Mai.

Credit: @jahkoy

I didn’t get a picture with Kehlani though which was a bummer but I got to see her flawless skin in real life so it’s cool. (Got pictures with JAHKOY and Ella Mai 🙂).

I’d definitely go see her again but with the addition of Chance the Rapper, SZA, Noname and The Weeknd (interesting combo 🤔).

Watch my vlog at the concert here.

Go get tickets if you can to see Kehlani here. She’s on tour in Europe and USA. Toodles ✌🏽xx.

I am not here for pitting women against each other (reference to the title). Beyoncé’s name was good click bait. There’s always space for multiple women in the spotlight. Respect and love to and for all ❤️.


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