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Is it okay for white people to ‘claim’ us? 

When I started this blog I had no intention of being that girl who talks about race all the time and I’m not but what does it say in the tag line? “A blog about everything”. 

With that being said…

Recently Demi Lovato tweeted this:

Clearly this is a woman excited to hear about her ancestry as I assume everyone else would be right? The backlash she got was….ugh harsh.

Some ignorance:

However there were a few sistas (black women) supporting and encouraging her. Most stating the fact that it’s just a DNA test and she’s merely stating the facts. 

(Before we move further I’d like to establish that I am aware Demi Lovato’s race would not be identified as white despite the mixture in her DNA.)

I became privy to this argument via theshaderoom. A friend of mine sent this to me: 

As you can see my response was leaning towards Demi’s side. Another friend responded with this:

I was taken aback as I thought they would’ve gotten the gist of what I was trying to say. Nonetheless that response made me think a bit. Is it ok to allow people of other races to ‘claim us’ and be happy with it as a means of inclusion? Hmm that’s a bit tricky. 

For years we’ve been an outcast in society so I guess my brain is still subconsciously conditioned at times to accept what’s given instead of demanding more. 

I’ve been a fan of Demi for years and through this I know of her love for Africa and she also has a tattoo of the continent. Demi has a connection to Africa and it’s not because of that measly 1% in her DNA. For her 21st birthday she went to Kenya and had an “inspirational experience”. She was simply shocked to find out that she part African no matter how big or small. There is nothing negative about that. 

Now before some of you start calling me an ‘Uncle Tom’, I acknowledge my choice of words were insensitive. I am fully aware of the negative things white people have done to us, the degradation of our race in ancient and contemporary times, the cultural appropriation *Kylie Jenner*, the mass killings etc. 

I am pro-Black. Yes I said it. That doesn’t mean I have to disregard everything white people say or feel the need to criticise everything. 

Of course cultural appropriation should be called out with a loud voice. Of course racial discrimination should be pranced on the moment the venom decides to drip out of the lips of the oppressor. But stating your DNA test facts is wrong and offensive? Wow. If I take a DNA test tomorrow and find out I’m part Native American then declare it to the world would that offend people? Everyone needs to take a chill pill and focus on the things that are actually affecting our race. 

How about stopping black on black crimes? How about resisting letting other races appropriate our culture talking about some ‘Boxer Braids’ without giving us proper credit? How about we stop condemning black women for acting ‘ghetto’ while supporting this little ignorant troll from the Dr. Phil Show, who enacts the same behaviours and slangs associated verbatim

Danielle Bregoli from the Dr. Phil Show

No, white people can’t claim us. Saying that out loud made me cringe really hard. However we should not try to seclude ourselves from other races and encourage integration without appropriating each others’ cultures.

How do we do that? I’ll be honest and say I don’t know the perfect answer but I do know how to start. Let’s start by acknowledging that Bantu knots were started by US and those ‘Kim Kardashian Boxer braids’ you keep going on about, we’ve been rocking those things for years. To bed. LOL. Sweet lady they’re called cornrows/canerows. (Magazines y’all may wanna edit that 😉). 

Now as you go on with your day remember that we all bleed red, our faeces all stink and pineapples do not go on pizza.

Be blessed x


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