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Getting Instagram likes is actually my Life 

So peeps I have an announcement to make.

I’m beginning a detox from social media starting today. I’m deleting all social media apps (not deleting my accounts) except for Whatsapp (because contact and security duh).

From my previous post on the internet is controlling you – cut your Twitter fingers, some of you may understand my disapproval of the unnecessarily detrimental role social media plays in our lives. As of recent I’ve felt that I have become too invested in social media. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is check my phone. Yes, social media has been controlling me to some extent.

I’ve reached a point where if I get 2 likes on an Instagram post (not that it’s happened) I will not delete the post and I don’t actually care if you don’t decide to double-tap. But I’m always looking for a new post to giggle at. Is Instagram my only source of happiness and good humour? Is meme heaven my only heaven?


Salt Bae sprinkling Instagram likes

So last night I did a splurge on Snapchat and Twitter in a similar manner to someone with a bounty on their head, crossing tasks on a bucket list expecting to die tomorrow. That’s it for a while guys, no more marvelling at this ravishing face stuck in your phone screen.

This decision has come at an opportune time as my A Level exams are fast approaching and revision is kinda important I guess (kidding).

Anyway hopefully this process opens my eyes to things I may have neglected over time. I wish you all well in life and if you need to contact me go to my Contact page and send me a message. The length of this process will be about 4 months long. 4 months without memes 🙃 help. Nonetheless I implore you all to take part in this as well.

May His face shine upon you xx.

**Update 17/02/2017

I can’t do it guys…I’m making an amendment to my contract. I’ll be spending only 2 hours a day on social media, limiting myself to 3 posts a day. Yes I’m a failure but at least I was strong enough to admit😅. Toodles.


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