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The Internet is controlling you – cut your twitter fingers 

Internet thugging? Realllyyyy?

People I have been bombarded with posts about Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s ‘beef’, their constant back and forth kindergarten style jabs at each other and Soulja Boy’s ambivalent stances.

The whole debacle began when Soulja Boy commented ‘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍’ under Chris Brown’s ex’s photo and Chris allegedly confronted Soulja. OMG when will it stop?

Apparently when they compete in a boxing match on Pay-per view in March. Yes PPV. Evidently it’s very important. The only positive point I can pull from the rubble is that the end to the beef (if all goes well) involves no guns.

Unfortunately this is definitely not the first celebrity public/Internet beef as of recent or throughout time. Let’s not forget, to name a few: the infamous Biggie vs. Tupac, Drake vs. Meek Mill, Drake vs. Chris Brown, Kanye West vs. Jay Z, 50 Cent vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jennifer Lopez vs. Mariah Carey, even the nonsensical Tomi Lahren vs. Wale. I am over it.

These are supposedly adults, many are parents, arguing using crude language and getting filthy publicly presented before Generation Z and Millenials who literally adore their very faeces.

Why can’t you resolve your petty issues in private celebs? Must the world see everything that’s going on in your lives?

My readers, majority of the time these altercations are not coincidental or naturally triggered. These are strategically planned publicity stunts. You, me and maybe your kids have crawled into the Black Widow’s web a lot.

It’s time we stand up against the media and celebrity’s stronghold. Let 2017 be the year of individuality and abstract thinking. I’m talking fashion, political views, music and even food. Don’t start putting an egg in your Ramen noodles because Kylie Jenner is doing it. Do it because you want to innovate your noodles b.

Cut off your twitter fingers. Many find that they face a lot of trials with people spreading rumours or find it hard keeping their business off the streets but fail to notice that they are setting out the red carpet for their business to walk out in style.

Do not post your entire life on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram you naaame it! *Shirley Caesar voice* Must we know about how mad you are that someone left your door open every time it happens? Nope. While it is your account and you can post what you want when you want, why complain when people know too much about you? Hm, just saying.

*this tea tastes good*

Without apology I implore and beseech you on bended knees to pull loose from the leash the media has got our generations by and walk head high, eyes opened wider than before to be the greatest of your generation.

Get to chopping them fingers 😉.

P.S. Who is Soulja Boy going to fight live on TV training like this? Treadmill? Come on now.

Remember to watch my YouTube videos on my reaction to Lil Uzi Vert’s P’s and Q’s and also my Accent tag challenge. Just click the coloured words and you’ll be directed 🙂.


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