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It’s 2017 and I couldn’t care less 

Deck the halls with blah blah… Oh it’s no longer Christmas..? Uh ok that was fast. I could’ve sworn just yesterday everyone was trying to tackle their Christmas shopping lists and plan the skimpiest outfits for nights out.

Well here I am on January 1, 2017 and I have never been so passive about a new year yet. Over the years I’ve become quite blasé about 201? + 1 because quite frankly it seems like added years are in abundance. Life itself I’ve taken for granted.

I found myself on New Years Eve surrounded by people, having to constantly remind myself that I should be excited about a new year AND remind myself that at midnight the 6 behind the 201 would now be 7 (Which is going to be extremely hard to remember).

Watching the fireworks when the clock struck 12 felt rehearsed and insubstantial. The fascination of its beauty was more of an expected reaction more than a natural excitation.

So now I’m thinking, do I care about life anymore? Of course I do. If someone were to come forward and say “You can’t live tomorrow I’m gonna’ take your life”, in a heartbeat I’d try to destroy them before they destroy me. So most definitely I love living. But do I appreciate my life?

I guess I should think about that. Think about why I’m here, how someone else could be here in my place. How too many people in Aleppo have lost their lives. How daily, innocent black people are being erased from existence by people meant to protect us. I should be grateful, I need a kick. But is it my moral compass speaking, is this what I want myself to think?

Then I ended up rewatching season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow, the episode titled Abominations. It took place in 1863 which consisted of three storylines but what stood out for me was the slavery aspect. A free black man who was a spy encountered the Legends and died during an altercation with zombies. ‘Jax’ along with ‘Amaya’ (who were both black) volunteered to assume his identity and complete the mission, as altering what happened in the past would cause an aberration (They were time travelers from 2016). Part of the mission included posing as ‘the help’ at a plantation for a grand event. Not privy to slave etiquette, ‘Jax’ addressed a white woman directly and touched her hand. This got him chained up and sent with the other slaves to be punished. Prior to this he had to watch a slave being beaten brutally, almost to death without being able to save her – aberration remember?

Watching this episode and the emotions it riled up inside, the poison boiling reminded me of my ancestors and how many fights they fought and the pain they went through, possibly murdered in the process. This was sort of a wake up call. I should cherish life more. My life is Utopia  x2 compared to those slaves and anyone else that have suffered in life.

I’m not a fan of this ‘New Year new me’ thing, it’s proper rubbish. But there’s one thing I’ve got to cherish and it’s life. Yeah yeah roll your eyes. I know I’ve got two eyeballs that can see, an acute sense of smell and some short legs that take me lots of places so I’m blessed.

Be grateful guys, at the end of reading this post you may just lose your life God forbid.

May His face shine upon you.

Happy New Year 🎉🎊.


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